Blacklist online casinos, rogue and warnings

In online casino warnings, it is easy to find both platforms that fulfill their obligations honestly and platforms engaged in outright fraud. Given the fact that this sphere is quite popular and vast in its audience, it involves not only experienced gamblers. There constantly comes a flow and inexperienced players deceive or mislead them much easier.
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This is used by cheaters, profiting from those who do not fully understand the principles of worst online casinos. It is technically impossible to exclude the spread of such platforms, so players better learn to recognize such sites in advance.

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What Makes a Rogue Casino?

There is no universal answer, as well as a universal algorithm for detecting a fake list of blacklisted casino sites. Globally, we are talking about all sorts of tricks to lure money from the player and create conditions in which he did not win. The scheme may be implemented during the game itself, such as tweaking algorithms or during the withdrawal of earned funds from the deposit.

Blacklist online casinos

You should also pay attention to:

  • the rules of the game and terms of use of products;
  • availability of a license from the gambling establishment;
  • number of negative rouge casino review and the licensing of slots.

Of course, such tricks on the part of the site’s administration do not go unnoticed, but on the Internet, it is much easier to continue your deception without consequences – you can visually change the site, tweak the address, and create a bunch of mirrors. Accordingly, on the part of the developer or the part of the administration, there are much more possibilities for how to eventually deceive the player.

Lack of Fair Gaming

This is a rather abstract statement because anything can fall under this category. This statement can be manipulated by the administration in its favor because the player has no hundred percent guarantee that he will win a certain amount one way or another. The developers of a particular game at an online casino may create a beautiful machine, an unusual system of bonuses, and free spins, but the algorithm will be honed to ensure that the winnings are minimal or always less than the losses.

Another question, and what in the understanding of the player in the casino is fair game? For example, the fact that in a long game, sooner or later all combinations fall out on the screen, including the most winning ones. This also applies to prize games and various bonuses. The problem is that the player himself somehow tracks this moment is difficult. Even if the machine does not give anything, it is not the fact that the casino plays unfairly, because, in reality, it can be just a long unsuccessful series.

Online Casinos and Bonus Fraud

Here we are talking about the fact of casino blacklist that the administration quite cleverly describes the possibility of obtaining this or that bonus, including those related to offers for members of the VIP club. Here it is enough to write the rules with a double interpretation to confuse the player with cloudy wording.

All by analogy with contracts, where there are clauses with small print. All designed or not very attentive players or those who generally will not read these rules. Recipe one – carefully read the terms of the game on the site and try to understand them before you make big bets.

Refusing to Pay Out Winnings

This is a red flag for the casino, a reason to abandon it completely. Not much is required from any online casino – fair play and the ability to promptly withdraw the money earned in the way specified on the site. And here, too, everything is quite cleverly rigged, as most often the delay is performed when trying to withdraw a large sum of money. There are no problems with small amounts, the administration usually does not delay.

The reason for refusal may be:

  • partial failure to fulfill the terms of the contract;
  • cheating on the casino or the administration;
  • use of other people’s personal data.

But if a player wins a large amount, the administration may theoretically start making up frankly nonsense reasons – that they need to check the transaction, that the problems on the side of the bank, and so on. But this is certainly a fraudulent scheme, as with modern methods of verification of users and identity confirmation, the money from the deposit to the card or purse comes within a few hours.

Poor Security and Privacy

The site hosting the online casino is required to have protection against unauthorized access to user’s private data. This applies mainly to the data of payment systems. Here it is important to make sure the player himself that the site is not a phishing site. There should be an icon about secure connection, anti-virus on your computer or in your browser should not react suspiciously to the casino site. Also, worst online casinos with confirmed verification from payment systems should be a priority.

No Response Online Casinos

Casino, which has nothing to hide, promptly responds to players’ questions. So if there is blatant ignoring, especially on financial matters, then most likely the player are cheaters. And from the services of a casino better abandoned.

Online Casino Rigged Games/Stolen Software

This category echoes the lack of fair play, as essentially the software and built-in algorithms are responsible for the mechanics of the game. Ideally, any online casino game should have at its core guaranteed random results, without any cumulative algorithms or memory effects. The hacked or stolen casino software is quite easy to set up as it benefits the platform owner himself. No random results are out of the question here, so in the long run, the player will not be able to win.

Dirty Affiliate Tricks

Partners can go to any tricks, they can talk about gigantic bonuses, and almost guaranteed winnings and the percentage of wins will increase if you bring a new player to the platform. Evaluate carefully:

  • conditions of work with partners;
  • possible risks in case of a user’s deposit;
  • the number of negative feedbacks about the program.

It is technically impossible to check all these statements, and the player will just lose his money.

False Advertising

Social networks and other information sources are swarming with blatant clickbait headlines. These can be accounts allegedly from people who have learned to beat any casino, and you have to pay a token amount for advice. Or that there is magic software, able to beat the casino. The schemes allegedly guaranteed winnings may be enough, they may have fake rouge casino review, but all of it is a guarantee of fraud.

Encouraging Problem Gambling

The casino may have only a portion of the games tampered with, so as not to blatantly give themselves away. But it is these games will be unobtrusively advertised on the platform, for they may be offered nice bonuses and other things. It is important to be careful and try to find real reviews of the games.

The 5 Rogue Casino Categories Here at Casinomeister

It is better to learn about whether the selected casino is fraudulent or not, through the profile forums with a large number of users. There is a lively discussion and objective evidence is attached, so you can conclude the platform, even without using it yourself. We will help you:

  • choose a suitable gambling establishment;
  • not to make a mistake during registration;
  • correctly evaluate the bonus program.

All of this is necessary for a successful game.

Not Recommended Casinos

Here we are talking about those platforms where there are mixed reviews. That is, some users have suspicions about the honesty of the administration, but the sample of reviews is too small or not presentable. In this case, it is better to be wary of such casinos.

Rogue Affiliate Programs

Here there are those platforms that use pirated software. It is not necessarily that the administration cheats on the algorithms, although most often this technique is used just to cheat. The algorithm can work so that the player quickly gets a win, but then comes an unsuccessful series and he spends it all.

Bumblings, Blunders and Negligence

Meaning platforms that are poorly optimized, have crooked algorithms, and poorly developed game interfaces. Accordingly, it is impossible to play such slots normally. Behind bad optimization developers easily hide their fraudulent schemes.

Evil Casino Software Providers

There is a direct malicious intent, namely tweaking the software used in their favor. Such Rogue Casinos should be bypassed and not even try to register an account or replenish the game deposit.

Dungeon of Evil

Fraudsters try to lure the player’s money not through the game, but the theft of personal information, such as bank details. The casino in this case is just a cover.

Blacklist online casinos 1

Best Tips on How to Avoid Rogue Casinos

In a hurry with the choice of Rogue Casinos do not need to, because we are talking about playing for money. It is better to read reviews about a particular casino, although this is not a hundred percent guarantee for the player.

Slow Payouts

The casino can not delay the payment if the player’s account has proof of identity, and the site is verified in the payment systems. Slow payouts are a sign of suspicious actions on the part of the administration. The normal term is a few hours from the application.

Limiting Cash Out Amounts

Not always a sign of scammers, as sites sometimes put limits on the withdrawal of funds per day. Too large sums to withdraw at once few people give and this is normal. The casino operates in conjunction with banks or payment systems, which have their own rules.

Bonus Issues

There can be no double interpretation – everything that is written in the rules of the game on the platform must be strictly adhered to. But this is all nominal. If a player deposits his funds to the account of cheaters, the likelihood of return will be minimal. Support service will in every way evade the answer or ignore the user at all. That is why studying the reviews about a particular online casino, you need to clarify the situation with bonuses.

How to Spot a Rogue Casino?

Here it is worth looking at whether the platform has confirmation of the license. Such information is most often placed in the basement of the site. Scammers do not bother to arrange a license, because for this you need to pass several mandatory checks, pay certain fees, and so on. The lack of a license is almost always a guarantee of fraud from the administration, since no one from the outside checks and regulates its activities.

Why this casino blacklist exists?

A large number of negative reviews cannot be hidden, especially if we are talking about quite popular forums. The reputation of individual online casinos is confirmed by dynamic rating, which the administration can not affect. That is why the information on these forums with white and blacklisted online casinos can be trusted.

Non-payouts of winnings

This is a direct red flag for the player, meaning that the online casino can not be trusted in any way. Motivation on the part of the administration for delays or complete refusal to payouts may be a suspicion of fraud of the player himself, a regional block, or failure to win one of the bonuses. Sometimes the administration does not want to verify the user due to the refusal of the internal security service.

Spammy marketing tactics

If the administration is too obviously imposing certain offers, such as depositing to get a lucrative bonus, then you need to be wary. Especially if the notifications are spammy. Spam is no longer a technique for honest and transparent platforms because the audience comes to them without such controversial solutions.

High level of complaints

To complain directly to the administration of the casino platform makes no sense if the player is dealing with cheaters. Therefore, they poured all their negativity on the profile forums, attaching screenshots to confirm their case. And if the threads with complaints about a particular casino are overflowing with messages, at least it is something to think about.

Game and software issues

Tracking this point is quite difficult because the administration can say that the player has a small sample, and there is no manipulation of the algorithms by the casino. But the effect of changing the initial game algorithms can be seen on a scale. For example, when very often in the first two fields appear bonus symbols, and the third field is constantly changing, but the desired symbol does not reach. This creates the imaginary appearance that it is necessary to play a little more, and the bonus is sure to fall out.

Rogue and/or cheating casino software providers

The casino blacklist of such scammers is constantly expanding, so players need to monitor the profile sites with reviews and ratings. Information about casinos becomes outdated quite quickly, so proactive players should be careful. Be careful:

  • experience of the game provider;
  • feedback on the use of slots;
  • the number of gambling machines and whether they are located in the best online casinos.

Otherwise, it’s easy to fall for crooks.


Given the number of closed rogue online casinos listed lately, this provider has serious complaints from the regulatory agencies. Obtaining a license for them is becoming increasingly difficult.


This developer had several unpleasant stories in its history, such as providing incorrect information when suing a rival company, there was also information about problems with the software used. In particular, there were recorded cases of tweaking the game algorithm by the provider.


A budget version of the blacklist rogue casinos software provider, so there are complaints here from customers who bought this solution for their platform. For example, very often the machines stopped for several days every week. And the basic packages lack the usual features.

Pragmatic Play (formerly TopGame)

There are a lot of complaints, for example, there are complaints about the suspicious activity of the algorithms of the system. There are complaints about the lack of fair play principles. Bonuses fall out very rarely.


On the Internet, you can find a lot of similar complaints from players, which are related to problems with the withdrawal of winnings. That is, the system works fine when accepting funds, but when withdrawing there are problems, and the administration quite often ignores complaints from players.

Desoft Gaming / 2WinPower Casinos

The problem is similar to hundreds of other unscrupulous software vendors – we are talking about massive suspicions of foul play and deliberate tweaking of game algorithms.

EliteGames / Elite Fortune Limited

There are problems with the support service of the blacklist list of rogue casinos. It’s not the players who complain, but the customers who bought the game server. There are quite a lot of complaints that the company does not fulfill its obligations and is not able to promptly resolve problems.

Global Gaming Service Casinos / Welcome Partners Group

There is a significant number of negative reviews related to the presence of scrambled software, of course, not in favor of the players. On almost all profile sites the provider has a rather low rating. You should evaluate:

  • the number of options for making money;
  • possible ways to get your money;
  • technical support.

This is the only way to really benefit from the rules.

Operia Costa Rica Casinos

Regular players express their dissatisfaction with the fact that the game provider uses low RTP rates. If the average rate is considered to be 90%, the said real money online casino blacklist has an understated percentage. This is a sure sign of a fraudulent online casino.

Other casinos caught running fake games

To always be up to date on the activities of certain casino warnings, it is important to constantly check the license, in addition, it is not superfluous to do the verification of the platform through the website eCOGRA.

More blacklisted and rogue casinos

The key information that should be of interest to a potential player at an online casino blacklist accept american players is the following:

  • presence of verifications and confirming licenses, both from inspection bodies and from bank organizations.
  • conditions of work with deposits, which affect both the deposit/withdrawal instruments and the terms of withdrawal of the earned funds.
  • a total number of games presented on the platform.
  • promptness of the responses coming from the support service of the site.
  • the presence or absence of an official mobile application.

Reputation in profile communities. It is formed by fairly objective characteristics, so it can be trusted./


Learn more useful information that will help you understand the structure of bad casinos. That way you won’t go wrong with your choice.

What is a blacklisted sites/rogue casino?

This is a casino that has a large number of negative reviews, as well as a very low user rating. Such a casino has a presentable sample of confirmed cases of fraud or dishonest actions towards its audience.

Why should I avoid blacklisted online casinos?

Because there is almost no chance of winning from a cheating casino. Problems may arise at different stages, for example, at the stage of the game itself, when the necessary winning combinations simply do not fall out on the field. Or at the withdrawal stage, when the administration will deliberately delay the process or even freeze the user’s account. The administration of the site only creates the appearance that the player can win.

What should I do if I've already joined a rogue site?

The ideal scenario is to try to withdraw money from your gaming deposit. But most often the scammers do not allow this, so you just need to log out of this site, delete your profile along with private data, and do not bet any more real money on such platforms.

How can I find trustworthy casinos?

To study the profile blacklisted sites, to look at what dynamics have the rating of the selected casino. Before starting to play for real money, it is better to spend some time on the site, explore its possibilities, and the variety of games, carefully read the conditions and see if there is a license and verification.

Help! I've been scammed by a casino. What can I do?

To complain in case the player was cheated on such a platform is meaningless, only if the administration itself does not admit the error and does not meet the player’s expectations. Licenses of such blacklist casino sites are issued in Malta, Curacao, and other similar regions, so it makes little sense to resolve the issue on the legal plane.