Popular Gambling Questions (FAQ)

Predominantly a huge number of users start gambling daily and all want to gain invaluable gambling experience. To do this, you will need to use special databases of useful information, like this one. Our specialists specially for you collected the maximum amount of useful and necessary information, which is useful to every beginner during the game.
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Gambling Overview Questions and Answers

That is the peculiarity of the gambling market in the USA because you can find out the full list of rules only by going to our table. ReadEspecially for you, we tried to learn from the support service of popular gambling institutions and players, as well as experts all that they would like to know in the first minutes of the game. After all, the world of gambling is big enough, so everyone needs a little support during the first steps in mastering the material. We have tried to create material in simple language that everyone will understand.

Is Gambling legal in the USA?

In the United States, you can have no problem having fun gambling if you are in certain states. The thing is that each state has the right to determine its gambling games and choose the ones that will be available in the region. That is why a large number of users are worried about deposits and withdrawals. Use the maximum number of options and available information on the official portal to be guaranteed to get your money.

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In this case, the players themselves have nothing to worry about. Legislation is more about the interaction of the state with specific gaming operators and providers, as well as company servers if they are located in the country. Players can spin the reels, play poker and win at blackjack without any problems. You will be able to see on a special table the allowed and prohibited games in different states.

What states allow online gambling?

It all depends on the state where you live because the rules vary as much as possible from one region to another. For example, in Indiana, you can bet on sports events without problems, but poker will be prohibited. But in Alabama, only fantasy sports and no other gambling are available.

the useful information and find out more about whether you can have fun with online slots or poker specifically in your state. It also depends on the provider, because individual developers can be blocked in the region, while in general, the game slots can be available.

What are the best online gambling sites?

You can read the full list of those on our gaming portal. Especially for you, we have collected a huge number of casinos, each of which deserves your attention. Among the best include:

  • Slots Empire. A fascinating playground with a large number of slots and earning opportunities. Here you can get acquainted not only with the classic slot machines, but also blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Registration and welcome bonus already waiting for you on the site;
  • Lucky Red Casino. Ideal for most beginners who want to try their hand at gambling. Maximum simple rules and clear controls that allow you to quickly understand the interface. You will also be able to use different strategies for earning;
  • Casino Max. Another great institution, especially for those who like to make big bets and make large deposits to the site. You will have a great chance to test your skills and luck in a real game;
  • Lotus Asia. The casino is famous for its high odds and cool opportunities to play even with a minimum deposit. Just register, verify and make a deposit to try and put together a lucrative combination;
  • Black Lotus Casino. The key feature of the gambling establishment is the chance to use unique bonuses and promotions. You will be able to get new gifts every day and use them to increase your regular profits.

You will be able to choose the right gambling establishment depending on your style of play and your ability to spin the reels profitably. Some gambling companies feature a wide selection of slot machines, while others are perfect for fans of bonuses and gifts. Everywhere there is round-the-clock technical support and payouts are guaranteed with verification.

What is the required age for gambling?

You will be able to start having fun gambling only in those situations when you have reached the age of majority. Until that moment, access to the slot machines will be forbidden to you, as well as to the casino in general. Any cheating by the administration and entering not your data will not only soon be detected, but also sanctioned.

Such a player’s account will be blocked forever, and the funds in the account will be frozen until a parent or guardian applies. Also, such deception can qualify as theft, so the administration strictly does not recommend users to try to play on the site without the age of majority. We can also confirm cases when accounts were blocked literally within minutes after registration.

How determine that gaming is fair?

You should use simple instructions from our experts. We have specially compiled a small memo that will help you decide on a particular casino:

  • if the site is on our list. This is already a good sign because we do not add cheaters to our top;
  • what graphics use in the casin? Often cheaters save money during the creation of a playground, so you can immediately see the shoddiness;
  • bonuses are provided to users. Sometimes the conditions are so simple that it is immediately clear that in front of you cheater.

Separately, we can also highly recommend checking the terms and conditions of the game, which most often contain detailed information. If you do not find such sections at all, then there is a very good chance that you are on a scam site. Scam most often does not fill such sections, because it requires a lot of work from lawyers and experts in the sphere of registration of the offer.

You can also pay attention to more indirect signs. Any flaws in the design or bonus system indicate that the game portal was created in a hurry. Also, the license should be officially easy to confirm through the regulator and belong to this particular gambling establishment, which you see in front of you now.

How do liacomm can help me choose the best casino website?

Thanks to our gaming portal you can view up-to-date information about a large number of the most reliable and honest gambling institutions. The site offers a large number of useful gaming materials that help players choose the right casino for themselves. We also provide various specific game reviews, including in terms of the law.

By using our site, you will be able to choose the right gaming casino for you and not go wrong with your choice. You’ll also have the chance to maximize your rewards and earn extra cash right into your account. Plus you’ll have the chance to use a huge amount of bonuses and promo codes that exclusively sometimes appear on our gaming portal. Take advantage of all the benefits right now.

How detect, that casino site safe to use?

You should pay attention to what exactly the terms of use are dictated to you by the administration of the gaming portal. You should also check:

  • the number and quality of bonuses, as well as the conditions of wagering. A good gambling establishment often has a huge number of promotions and various offers to interest the maximum number of users;
  • availability of convenient and secure means of payment. Sometimes cheaters just can not agree with the payment systems to enroll normal money in the balance. They have to use methods known to no one;
  • review on our site. We create content and review only the best gambling establishments, which operate and offer the highest quality service. This is a good difference from the bad casinos without reviews on other platforms.

All this indicates that the gambling establishment is honest and ready to serve customers regularly. You should also carefully read the documentation and additional licenses, so as not to make a wrong choice and get full access to all the functionality. The casino should not hide any details and is obliged to provide clear terms of use to all adult players.

Can I have serveral accounts in one casino?

We recommend that you pay attention to the specific rules and terms of service from the gambling establishment because everything depends solely on the casino. But often the rules prohibit a player to have more than one account or an account on the gambling site. Such frauds are easily identified by conducting a special check accounts and IP addresses, which quickly puts all the points.

Our experts advise you in the case of such a question, and the lack of response in the rules to contact technical support casino. Independently creating another account is not worth it, because the account will be quickly blocked, and all the funds in different accounts are frozen. This outcome you will not like.

All because of a certain group of users called bonus hunters. They look for special casinos with an opportunity to get a no deposit or welcome bonus. After that, they begin wagering and, in case of failure, create a new account. This approach to the game increases the chances of winning but is not beneficial to the administration. Therefore, blocking comes in 100% of cases.

That said, if you accidentally create another account, which sometimes happens, you need to:

  1. Log in to your main account using your username and password.
  2. Open an online chat with the administration through the widget and report your problem.
  3. Wait for voluntary blocking of all accounts except the main account.

It will be much easier to negotiate with the administration if you haven’t tried to get bonuses or make deposits on your other accounts. Sometimes such a situation can be hopeless, and then even the main account will be blocked. But at least you will be able to withdraw your money in time and not lose anything.

What to do if I`ve never played before?

In this case, we can recommend you carefully study our gaming platform and learn the maximum amount of useful gambling information. You will also be able, after registering at one of the casinos, to get full access to the rules of various entertainment, choosing the right one for you. There are also a huge number of different beginner strategies, tactics, and instructions on the internet for beginners.

Users without experience should also contact the administration:

  1. After registering on the platform, go to the home page.
  2. Then click in the bottom right corner of the online chat widget.
  3. Ask a question that interests you.

This will get you the information faster if you can’t find it on the Internet or in our helpful tutorial. Just try to figure it out first.

We can also recommend that beginners try out the demo mode, which will allow them to use as many different strategies and tactics as possible for free. Your account will be automatically updated after reloading the page, so you will not lose money and will be able to train effectively. Even experts use the free version to gain the necessary experience in collecting combinations and profitable symbols.

Why do I have to share personal information to play for Real Money?

It’s all about the security of your account and the need to gamble only with users who are of legal age. The verification procedure is the most important basis for you to be allowed to play for real money and withdraw it at any time. Your documents will be checked against the information that you specified during registration, after which access will be restored.

The administration only in this way can check the real age of the user and the availability of gambling for him, as well as the presence in the special blacklists for blocking. You should be aware that all personal information is stored in a protected form and does not spread anywhere. Thanks to this, you will be able to pass the verification procedure without any problems and get full access to all the gaming functionality of the platform.

This will also allow the administration to verify your identity and provide quick help in the event of a hack or data recovery. After all, the casino is dealing with real money, which means it is necessary to build an effective way to help players. So far, this is the only option that could justify itself, so you will need to provide your documents to the administration on request.

Are there fees after account registration?

No, you can play free on the casino platform and not worry about being charged any extra money. Thanks to this, you can safely and efficiently manage your capital as well as place your bets. You will only spend money when playing directly while spinning the reels or placing bets. It will be possible to use cash in:

  • blackjack;
  • baccarat;
  • poker.

And on slot machines from various providers. Otherwise, all service is often completely free and without commissions. You can find out more on the official website of the casino, where there are specific rules and regulations. If you don’t log in to your account for several years, the administration has the right to start withholding funds from your account as payment for the servers. However, such rules are more a rarity than a rule.

What can you do when online casinos are restricted in your state?

In this case, you will be able to choose the appropriate section on our website and start playing at those casinos that remain allowed even in your state. Alternatively, you can take a short trip, rent a hotel and start playing from the mobile version in the casino or your laptop already in the allowed region. It all depends on your desire to win a large sum of money and use the maximum number of opportunities to make extra money.

How to Start Gamble Online in the US

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Las Atlantis Casino
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Red Dog Casino
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Slots Empire Casino
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Bonuses and Promotions FAQ

What is a no deposit bonus?

Such a bonus is called a gift from the administration, which you can fully receive on your balance without investing anything in the casino. In this case, despite the accrual, it is impossible to withdraw it immediately because you should read the rules. The wagering process is most often reduced to the fact that this award a certain number of times in full on the authorized online slots. Try to study the conditions and only after that agree to receive.
Bonuses and Promotions

What is a registration bonus?

This is a gift from the administration of the casino, which is designed to motivate users to create a personal account and start playing. Getting such a reward can every player on the official game site casino in the “Promotions” section. We recommend that you immediately study the wagering conditions and enter a promo code yet at registration if such a feature is available to you. This will help you not to make mistakes and accurately get the reward on the account.

What is a high roller bonus?

This is a special gift for those players who like big bets and deposits, and are willing to work hard for the sake of getting the most profitable reward. Most often, to get such a reward, you need to make a deposit of $75 to $300 and get a large increase in your account. The wagering rules are the same as in the other cases, but the player gets a chance to win back every dollar invested more effectively. You can also try to get a prize.

Do all casinos have free spins?

No, the bonus program can vary greatly for each gambling establishment, and therefore such a statement is false. You will be able to read all the promotions and bonuses on the official site on your own, if:

  1. Come to the site and log in.
  2. Go to the “Promotions” section and select the appropriate options for the game.
  3. Try to study the conditions and rules.

There may be written information about receiving free spins, which are considered one of the most profitable gifts. But such a promotion may not be there.

Free spins vs Demo spins?

Free spins have an important advantage, which can be called an opportunity to get a real reward and in the future to win it back. Using demo spins you will never get a real prize, but you will be able to practice and gain useful game experience. This option is used by all categories of users to learn how to spin slots efficiently and collect the most profitable combinations of symbols.

Can I withdraw bonus money?

You will indeed be able to withdraw the bonus at one point but only after wagering. You will have to fulfill all the promotion conditions, which you should have read before entering the promo code in your cabinet. This will help ensure that you can effectively take advantage of the special offer and receive your reward. After wagering, you will be able to withdraw the money without any problems to your credit card or cryptocurrency wallet.

Financial Questions

In addition, our experts have collected a large number of questions and answers, which are related to financial topics. Sometimes players may have problems with deposits or withdrawals from the account. In this case, the help of technical support is needed much more actively, but you can read the useful information in this section in any case.

Can I play casino for free?

It all depends on what conditions and rules work on the official gaming site gambling casino. For this, you need to carefully study all the information on the conditions of withdrawal, so as not to make a mistake, and is guaranteed to get the maximum amount of the award to your account. Most often, the commission is absent entirely, because the administration takes such additional costs for themselves.

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What is a “reverse withdrawal”?

Another method of getting money to the account in which the application was rejected by the bank and the user has to reapply. In this case, the funds are credited directly to the balance of the account and the money becomes available for use in the game. Sometimes players can also cancel their transactions at a later stage if they have changed their mind to withdraw cash to their wallet or card.

Do I have to pay taxes on online gambling winnings?

It is important to understand that the player is legally obliged to pay about 30% of his income derived from gambling in the tax return. At the same time, some gambling establishments take this procedure upon themselves and the player receives the money already taking into account such a deduction. It all depends on the specific sphere and game, because in poker, for example, almost no one pays tax, even the professionals. Everything depends on the specific amount because there is also a progressive rate of taxation.You have a great opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity and play in the casino without depositing at all. In this case, you will need:

  1. Go to the official site and even without registration go to the section “Games”.
  2. After that, select the appropriate slot machines and click “Demo”.
  3. Start spinning the reels and beat yourself with valuable rewards, which will help to understand the principle of the casino.

You can’t win real money, but you will learn how to collect combinations.

How much money do I need to start?

You may only need $10-30 to start playing for your first minimum deposit and welcome bonus. Later on, you can determine all your spending on your own and not worry about losing too much. Think of it as entertainment like going to the movies. And everything costs money, including slots. Some people just need $10 to win a few thousand. And someone loses hundreds even knowing what the winnings look like. It all depends on you.

Can I use my local currency to start gambling?

You will be able to make such a deposit if you use payment systems or cryptocurrency systems. Thanks to this option, you will be able to get to your account all funds in the currency in which the account is. In addition, you will have a chance to convert your savings into the required currency within the payment system and get the amount you need to start playing.

What withdrawal methods I can use to get my money?

You will be able to use a wide range of different methods of withdrawal of funds from the account to your account.

Some of the most popular ones include:

  • MasterCard and Visa credit cards;
  • Bitcoin cryptocurrency;
  • bank transfer.

Choose the right option for yourself and study the terms of the withdrawal, and then apply and get the profit on your card.

How fast will I get my money to my card/account?

It all depends on the payment system or withdrawal method you choose because it is on their side the longest processing of the transaction takes place. For example, Bitcoin cryptocurrency is most often withdrawn within 1-3 business days and your application can be processed on the day of submission. A wire transfer, on the other hand, is unlikely to be processed in less than 5 business days. The bank needs time to process the transaction. Although in both situations, the casino will process the application within an hour.

USA Gambling Law

Special mention should be made of U.S. legislation, which requires users to strictly comply with the rules based on the various games. You can easily meet all the requirements because most often they relate to the payment of the tax rate on winnings or access to the game in the territory of a certain state. We recommend that you read more about the conditions depending on where you live because it is almost impossible to cover all the legislation.

What are the specifics of the law about poker?

The peculiarity of the game is that you cannot play poker in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Alabama, Washington, and other states. But having fun at the poker tables is legal in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Delaware. Try to plan your game and be cautious about the location of your entertainment choices.

What are the specifics of the law regarding lotteries?

The big surprise for a huge number of users is that lotteries are also banned in most U.S. states. These include West Virginia, Alabama, California, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, and others. But it is legal to take a number and win a large sum of money from you in Michigan, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Maryland.

What are the specifics of the law regarding slots?

Slot machines are a favorite pastime of all fans of gambling, and therefore users are also interested in the question of where you can play and where you should not even start. Let’s start with Arizona, where such a game is forbidden. The same situation is in Alaska, Texas, Arkansas, Connecticut, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Montana. But you can play legally in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

What are the specifics of the law regarding fantasy sports?

An interesting rule of thumb applies here because you will still be able to gamble in most states. The fact is that gambling is relatively new, and therefore you will have every chance to take advantage of additional opportunities and try your hand in Washington, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, New Mexico, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. A ban is in effect in New York, Montana, and Hawaii.